Your best choice in San Fernando valley

San Fernando valley truly has a lot of great and amazing restaurants. But from time to time, there is one among them that truly stands out and you can say becomes worthy of the title of the best among the rest. It may be many different factors that will cause this to happen, but so far, as I can tell you, among these RestaurAnts iN SaN Fernando VAlleY that I know qualify for this spot, I can give the title to their restaurant because they truly deserve it.
It has been 14 years since the first their restaurant opened up in Chatsworth, California, and the road to success was not easy, but they did manage to slowly and steadily build their business and now, at the current time they have around 10 branches and you can consider them to be one of the faster growing chains here in this sunny state. If you give a list of the branches, there is the one in Los Angeles, Chatsworth, Valencia, Pasadena, West Hills, Fountain Valley, here in San Fernando Valley, Thousand Oaks, Irvine and Orange County, I have heard they will start 2 more branches early next year in 2015, and I trust that over the next years they will have more and more over the state of California. The background for success of their restaurant is mainly in the food and service they give. The food is specifically from the homestyle secret recipes of the Harrigan sisters, who founded this resto, and they have refined it to fit the public taste and made improvements to make sure that all the food that comes out of the kitchen are worthy to be eaten by the customers. Their staff is well trained, especially the chef, who make sure that all the taste stay the same across all the branches of their restaurant, and the rest of the staff are professional and give you service with a smile.
Here in San Fernando Valley, it is considered one of the best because it has managed to attract whole families and crowds because that is the theme they specialize in. It is a family restaurant, and they make sure that families can afford the rates of their food. A small family of 4 can eat here for less than a hundred dollars, and still go home so full and so contented with their meal. You get so much for what you pay for, and this is also one of the main reasons I love this restaurant. Even if I am short on money, I know I can still eat in this amazing restaurant anytime I want to. A quick visit to will show you that they have such a diverse menu and they give you all the other advantages that cannot be found in any other fast casual dining restos in the valley. So I tell you, this is really a good choice for the best resto here in San Fernando Valley as far as fast casual grill restos go.