The ProLiant Series: Top Quality HP Servers for Small Businesses

HP ProLiant Servers for Business

hp proliant dl380 G8 server

HP servers for small businesses are one of the best sold Hewlett-Packard product categories. The dedicated server line for such purposes is the well-known ProLiant. It includes a wide variety of devices, from rack to scale-out types, each category having many available models. Here is an overview of the available options.

The ML Tower ProLiant Series

ML servers are the entry-level models. They are specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, remote offices etc. With 1-2 processors, they have enough capacity for basic functions, such as small-scale networking, file managing and printing, while having a remarkable storage capacity. They are also incredibly convenient from the financial point of view.
The ML 300 series, with enhanced performances, is ideal for branch offices, data centers and remote sites.
The main ML models available on the market are: 110 G6; 110 G7; 150 G6; 330 G6; 310 G5p; 350 G6; 370 G6.

The DL Rack-Mount ProLiant Series

Among the HP servers for small businesses, the DLs are, probably, the best sold worldwide. With a higher computing power, they are perfect for consistent networking, e-mail or messaging.

DL 100 servers are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, needing medium networking capacities.
Devices in the DL 300 range suit data centers, as well as enterprises with higher networking needs. One of the most popular models now is theĀ HP ProLiant DL380 G8 server, one of the new Generation 8 state of the art 2U 2-socket rack servers.
DL 500 can support critical application and intensive computing.
DL 700 servers are perfect for large-scale virtualization.
Finally, DL 900 are the best performing in the series, specially designed for enterprises dealing with large amounts of data.
Currently available DL models are: 120 G6; 120 G7; 160 G6; 165 G7; 170e G6; 180 G6; 320 G6; 360 G7; 370 G6; 380 G7; 385 G7; 580 G7; 585 G7; 785 G6; 980 G7.

BL Blade ProLiant Servers

Another popular series of HP servers for small businesses is the BL one, supporting external storage and suitable for data centers.

The BL 200 series is suitable for small data centers, the BL 400 models are designed for centers dealing with databases and infrastructure, while the BL 600 series targets centers using a large number of virtual machines for large-scale projects.
Available BL models include 280c G6, 2x220c G7, 460c G7, 465c G7, 490c G7, 620c G7, 680c G7 and 685c G7.

SL Scalable ProLiant Servers

These devices are best suitable for web hosting and performing computing. They are easy to deploy, fast and have low operation costs. The ProLiant SL6500 is, definitely, the most popular of the series.

ProLiant Microserver

Small, cheap and, yet, performing, this device is one of the most impressive HP servers for small businesses, being just perfect for enterprises having less than 10 clients.


I have used HP servers for years in a company network environment, other than occasionally replacing a hard disc they are hard working machines that like the famous watch commercial “just keep on ticking”. Usually I retired them in favor of new, bigger and faster models and not because they were having any hardware failures.