Popular Portable Toilets

Purchasing a personal portable toilet from Charles Pitts may be an enormous convenience when you’re camping, particularly if you want to camp in remote places which will likely possess no comforts accessible. Wherever you happen to be camping, or should you be in a tent or an RV, it’s very important that you’ve got access to some type. You’re told of the public toilet of a bathroom wherever you’re, even if you’re travelling, and you also might be safe in the information that it’s clean and sanitary for those who have your own personal portable toilet.

When you make your choice to get a portable toilet another thing you have to determine is what kind of bathroom, and what degree of sophistication, you desire or desire.

If you’re a backpacker you are going to be aware of weight as well as size. There are quite streamlined portable toilets that fold to the measurement of a briefcase weighing about 7 pounds or 3.2 kgs. They use biodegradable waste bags that convert the waste neutralize odours to gel and begin the disintegrating procedure. They’re extremely suitable, hygienic and sanitary as the tote could be thrown in the rubbish when it’s complete. Obviously, if this unit continues to be too bulky a straightforward collapsible scoop may be the solution!


Many modern RVs include restrooms but, in once, you can find many, particularly older RVs, which don’t have lavatories. Obviously, if you’re camping in a tent, then it definitely is not going to have a unique bathroom.

The range of the portable toilet which is better for your camping needs is an extremely private one, again with respect to the size and weight as well as the degree that you would like of the unit that you will be in a position to transport. There are a number of collapsible portable toilets, as stated earlier, that are easy and very handy to assemble and clean. But should you would like something more ‘upmarket’, and possess the room and carrying capacity, then a ‘porta potty’ design portable toilet could be for you personally.

Is an enormous range of mobile flushable toilets out there these days. The toilets’ features contain generally a holding tank and lid, a full size toilet seat as well as a freshwater tank in varying capacities with respect to version and the make of the toilet, as well as a flushing mechanism. Ensure the unit is tough, constructed from a quality stuff that is good, typically polyethylene, has a holding tank which is easy to empty and has a freshwater tank which is easy to fill, is not difficult to wash. Having an index of the amount is invaluable for ascertaining when it needs to be emptied.


For the flushable portable toilets you will find several goods out there to decide on from that are added to aid prevent odours and break down the waste. If you don’t have use of a designated portable toilet dumping point subsequently and are camping in a remote place be sure you get an item that is 100% biodegradable in the event you have to empty the holding tank.

You can buy the above mentioned poly waste bags along with organic waste neutralizers and biodegradable odour that convert liquids into gel for simpler, completely friendly, disposal.

Whatever kind of portable toilet you decide on, it really is advisable to buy little shelter drop in order that you may set up the toilet in complete seclusion somewhat from the primary campsite but close enough that it’s simple to reach in the event you have to put it to use after dark. There really are several specially constructed shower/toilet shelter pop up tents out there which are simple and light to bear and will be put in place in minutes. Needless to say, a tarp can still wind around a few trees in the event the current weather is unfavourable and definitely more private, but the shelter tent is much more suitable.

There’s no reason to be left stranded without toilet facilities with a lot of choices to select from these days. Choose your comforts with you which means you could be hygienic, safe and comfortable .