Does E Cigarettes Effect Your Life Insurance?

by Nicholas King

Smoking is the single lifestyle choice likely to push your medical and life insurance premiums up.
Query: A reader inquires whether the’ premiums will likely drop as an outcome of their move to cigarette from smokes

Query: A reader inquires whether the’ premiums will likely drop as an outcome of their move to cigarette from smokes

Life insurance premiums are generally twice as expensive for smokers as nonsmokers, based on MoneySupermarket.

But what about those who use cigarette?

After all, 1.3 million don’t include tobacco and aren’t so much smoked as what’s being termed ‘vaped’ – and some do not even contain nicotine.

The jury’s still out about the health consequences of cigarette and whether they should be treated in exactly the same manner as conventional smokes.

While their use has grown quickly – as many as 1.3 million individuals used them in 2013 – insurance companies are still working out their position. You are best off having a look at some electronic cigarette review sites to find the better electronic cigarettes to try if your thinking of starting.

That is why it is always worth assessing the individual terms of your policy if you smoke cigarette.

‘ People should contact their insurance company and are advised to constantly reveal any type of tobacco or nicotine merchandise and the use of cigarette when taking out a coverage.

The included that it’s also worth noting the long-term health consequences of e cigarettes are not as yet known.


A representative for LV= said: that cigarette are considered a nicotine replacement product, and as such indicate the user will probably have used – or to restart using – conventional smokes.

So for life insurance applications, electronic cigarette users are classed as smokers.

Aviva’s position was not dissimilar.

‘For life insurance programs, users including cigarette containing nicotine – of nicotine replacement products – are classed as smokers.

‘When cigarette were initially introduced the user were advertised as smoking cessation aids and as such it’d have been considered improbable that anyone wouldn’t have additionally used tobacco products within the last 12 months (and therefore been thought to be a smoker). It now seems a genuine alternative might be that we review our standing later on and that the user may additionally serve as if to smoking.

‘Sometimes we receive enquiries about users who maintain simply to use nicotine-free inhaler. If someone hasn’t used tobacco in last 12 months and just use nicotine free cigarette subsequently the user are eligible for reply no to smoking questions and get nonsmoker speeds.

Head of retail proposals at Zurich UK Life Peter Hamilton, included: ‘There’s been lots of discussion around the business about this but at the instant the advantages of cigarette which include nicotine versus those who smoke cigarettes hasn’t been completely demonstrated.

‘Most of the users of cigarette with nicotine are smokers who want to stop.

‘As the mortality rate for smokers does not actually begin to fall until they have given up for at least 12 months, we’re treating someone using cigarette with nicotine at present just like a smoker due to the high likelihood of them relapsing as well as the unknown long term impacts of use of cigarette, for example regarding the compounds inhaled.

‘For those who are using cigarette that do not include nicotine, then they ‘d be treated by us as non smokers provided that they used any type of nicotine merchandise in the last 12 months or have n’t smoked tobacco.