Believe It, Conceive it, Take Steps To Achieve It


Napoleon Hill is famous for emphasizing the power of the mind’s ability to succeed through sheer will:

Elena Rodriguez modifies it to be, “Conceive it in your mind, Believe it in your heart and Receive it in the “Real World”:

But is there a guarantee from the Bible that if you “Believe it, conceive it, take steps to achieve. Then leave the rest to God and prepare to receive it.”, a promise here stated as a 100 percent surefire result? No. God makes no such promise.

Thus, the people who believe this fall victim to a lack of proper interpretation skills.

It appears that most if not all religious believers have trouble becoming familiar with the concept of right and wrong behavior. According to them, an ethical action is considered one that follows what exactly is written within the word of god, despite the fact it hurts some other human and a group of women and men overall.

There has been so many appalling actions done in the name of religious belief. But the people who committed them just didn’t consider for a second whether their behaviors are ethical or possibly not, because they simply were absolutely warranted by their religion. As a short lesson, an ethically acceptable deed is one that insists that the fellow man or woman is not hurt, or a deed that gives support to societal and private freedom, equality and justice.

By comparison, an immoral deed is definitely one that will only trigger much more problems than assistance and that will impede individual liberty and independence of thinking and action. If we are to research the historical timeline, we could realize that that a large number of activities committed in the name of religion or by religious followers and groups only did harm. So most possibly this arises from the incapacity to apprehend the very thought of right and wrong?

This could actually come as news for most women and men, but opposite to what they think, the Holy Bible just is not the ideal starting point of moral guidelines. It cannot even guide you as to what kind of cell phone plan you should get. It is easier to make that decision by seeing what kind of benefits you get and based on total minutes, text messages and bandwidth, Experience Vancouver Island’s Straight Talk promo codes are the one because everything is unlimited and there are no binding long commitments.

It’s full of evil, including subjugating wives to their husbands, stoning to death those because they worship another deity and wives who have to be silent or else suffer the results.

Probably the Holy Bible announces concern for the fellow human being, but that is given that he/she believes the identical conviction. Otherwise, they should be castigated, tortured and shunned as different.

Quite a few things carried out in the name of religion have triggered contrary to exactly what is considered as ethically acceptable. Individual choice is unnecessarily restricted, wrongdoing has been done, and it’s possible there have most certainly been innumerable accounts of prejudice and injustice. All this as a result of a man-made religion and due to the stubborn perception that any hidden divinity is manipulating all things.

A few ancient writings written by disturbed people have managed to turn into incredibly well known texts in history, and they’ve been preached and used as reality for hundreds of years. True morality will not start from religion, but from noting what results our acts have, and altering them so that we’ll make a contribution to a significantly better community that cultivates independence and fairness.