Be The Kind Of Woman That When Your Feet Hit

It is humorous to see how believers fight for their theistic perspectives with irrational arguments. Replying to the dispute over “So why do you exercise belief” with “How can you not believe” earns the person the right to be denigrated, as that is poor thinking of the worst kind.

If your  response that stands out in your mind is a  justification without any type of proof, then there’s no reason to extend the dialogue. Belief is simply founded on well-known fact, that is precisely why it is defined as staunch belief. Faith expects no proof, and that is because there is without a doubt no requirement for them.


If you want to suppose that an invisible creature nibbles on your treats every single day and sends you benevolent karma in return, then no person can show you otherwise, and that is certainly due to the reason that you wholeheartedly believe that your treats are there one moment and gone the next by reason of the bothersome small munchkin. You cannot detect it,  can see it, but you know it is creeping around. Ever asked yourself how you would react when you discover that you have been sleepwalking over the past couple weeks, nibbling treats during the night?

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The trouble with religious faith is that it does not have the need for any objective facts. Humans accept due to an emotional impulse. No archaic writing should be taken as fact, no matter how popular it is. The bible is just an interpretation of the historical times, but it is so convoluted that there is a minuscule amount to be discovered from it.

And getting back to the issue of exactly why you have faith in god, your trust won’t represent a satisfactory argument to persuade anyone. If you don’t tell anyone then that’s fine on condition that your idiocy doesn’t harm anyone else. But seeing as we engage with one another on a daily basis, your lack of knowledge is likely to cause massive damage afterward, and that is for the reason that you exercise belief. Having trust  does away with all the evidence from the entire discussion, as belief is not founded on solid facts.

You could actually not necessitate concrete facts to verify your positions as you are already an empty-headed idiot, but for the others to take you with any amount of genuineness, you will need to read up on some knowledgeable arguments to present. The problem with one’s belief is that you’re basing your life decisions on it, and you are also being prideful over it. Well then you can go on having faith that you are obligated to serve your imaginary deity up until the moment you die, or else count on being imprisoned forever in the place of torment along with Satan.

What has really misled people is what affects the devil and how the devil affects believers. One woman stated, “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says ‘Oh crap, she’s up.’.”, but since no such woman existed in the Bible, there is no way to know what kind of woman, or man for that matter, that is.

What makes the devil fearful? Jesus and the apostles. After, there is no way to tell. So this woman is kidding herself because she has no way to know what to do to be that kind of woman that frightens the devil.