An Overview of The Top Apple TV Competitors

Apple TV has actually made waves in the last couple of years as an excellent means to bring online video content straight to your TV set. The fact is that they do exist, and there are lots of Apple TV competitors worth thinking about before you make the supreme decision over which model to get.

Western Digital

The Western Digital WD TV Live provides you access to almost any online streaming service you might desire. The finest thing about this specific streaming gadget, however, is the fact that it can recognize such a substantial range of file formats. This makes it the very best option for those who wish to view media kept on a USB stick directly on their TELEVISION screen.

Roku 2

The Roku 2 box is one of the most popular Apple TV rivals on the market, if not the most popular. The thing that makes this box appealing is not just the substantial access to a variety of different streaming services, or the sleek, tiny design, but the fact that there are three various models to select from. The most inexpensive model is just $60, making it one of the most cost effective digital streaming devices on the marketplace. The most costly option, at $100, is still budget friendly and has an exceptional activity remote for games on the device.

Logitech / Google TV

The Logitech Revue is developed on Google TV, a system that has drawn in some criticism for the fact that numerous media streaming internet sites are obstructing users when they log in from the inbuilt Chrome Web Browser on their TV. That said, it does have some functions that make it really appealing for those who wish to download a wide variety of Google Android apps designed for use on Television, and for those who desire the capability to browse the internet on their tv screen.

Which Should You Choose?

The truth is that all these gadgets are extremely similar: they’re all priced around $100 (except for the less expensive Roku 2 models), they all let you stream material from the web, and they all connect via Wi-Fi. That stated, they have noticeable differences, too. If you like getting everything with iTunes, then Apple TV is certainly for you. The Apple TV rivals are well worth thinking about for the special functions they bring to the table. For the WD TV Live that suggests supporting many file formats, for the Roku that makes a great selection of models and the capability to play games, and for the Logitech Revue that suggests accessing Google’s Android Market and the Chrome Browser.