Adams homers in third straight game as Cards win again

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The second time I played it was during our official booth appointment, when Gaming Editor Kyle Orland and I got to try out the game’s two-player mode. Players one and two control green and red Yoshis, respectively, and while you can cooperate to find all of the game’s hidden items you can also eat, jump on, and generally harass each other. Kyle and I seamlessly switched between helping and impeding—one second he’d swallow me up and spit me halfway across the screen, and the next he’d be letting me bounce off of his head to make higher jumps.
It’s a little like the multiplayer mode in New Super Mario Bros Wii and Wii U, but much less frustrating. There were fewer hazards like bottomless pits and screen-filling enemies to be pushed into, at least in the demo levels, and many more situations where having multiple players actually made things easier. The fact that the mode is limited to two players instead of four makes things less chaotic, too. When Woolly World arrives in 2015, it should keep veteran Yoshi’s Island players happy while also lowering the bar to entry for younger or less experienced players who want to ride shotgun.
“Our mentality was, we knew we had a huge mountain to climb, but we all just agreed, we had to get three wins, and it starts tomorrow,” Jones recalled. “So came back home, rested mentally and we had to take it to another level. And we pulled out Game 5. Then we had a tough one in L.A. And in Game 7 at home, we had one of those great games, where everything was clicking.”
Of course, this time, Jones’ team will need to win two of the three on the road. But again, some of the same applies. Jones believes that, as with those Suns, it’s not about tactics: “We know that 95 percent of what’s wrong on the floor is a player adjustment. We haven’t adjusted to the speed they’re playing at. We haven’t dialed into their tendencies. So it’s on us. We have to do a better job.”